Hey everyone, hope you are doing well! I thought I will share some of my gardening experience since people have been spending more time on their gardens(which is exciting to hear!) and maybe now it is more topical people might find it interesting.

I have been gardening for quite a few years and what I have realised is that it’s a constant learning process. There will never be a day when I will know it all when it comes to this subject. I thought I will also mention here that we took a very exciting decision last week and decided to even get an allotment for next year (fingers crossed there is some space). Anyways… what I would like to talk to you about this time is about seed collecting and storing.

I started seed collecting last year and I wanted to share straight away about my experiences. However due to us having website problems at that time I ended up holding off this post till now. And what a good timing! Not only that there is more interest in the subject, but also this is a good time to start thinking about seed collection. Also I have now seen what worked, so I can share some feedback here as well. Seed collecting is what makes gardening a little bit cheaper, more sustainable, and more interesting. Have you ever seen a plant that you would like to grow but could not find a seed to buy?

The starting point of seed collection is planning. Why? Because you need to let some plants develop their seed which takes a little time and preparation. So make a list and schedule what month you will be collecting those seeds. I created my list with space where I can mark a cross for each item as I go along.

Of course sometimes seed collection can be spontaneous, especially when you see a beautiful plant or your friend gives you an interesting fruit. Last year I collected lots of flower plants that now I am watching grow. I am also growing lots of Russian black tomatoes that my friend gave me to taste last year. It made crazy loads of tomato plants just from one fruit!

Once you have assembled your list you will have a better idea of the preparation that needs to be done. Look up how to collect seeds from each plant. I ended up watching quite a lot of seed collecting videos last year! Plants like cucumbers and courgettes definitely need a long time till they are ready for seed harvesting. Some veg like lettuce or carrots are harvested before they have a chance to develop any seeds so this maybe another reason why you need to prep and wait. The majority of other fruit and veg seeds are pretty obvious. They just need to be picked and dried. Make sure you dry seeds away from the sun!

After seeds are completely dry you can store them however you like. It’s important that seeds are kept in a dry, cool, and dark place. I used envelopes, but jars or little containers work fine as well.

If you want here we have few printable envelopes just for fun. Hope you like using them!

Using my own seeds has been very satisfying this year. I hardly spent any money so far. I only picked a few things from the shop, such as strawberry seeds for my kids as well as getting seeds to use where some I harvested did not work out. But those were only a few. Cucumber and courgette was was some of them! Probably because I did not allow enough of time before seed harvesting. The seeds that worked out really well are here as follows: tomatoes (all types), beans, pumpkin (got too many now), chamomile, marigolds, poppy, sunflower, nasturtium and still waiting for others. Totally worth trying out!

Enjoy gardening!

Rasa xoxo

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    1. Hmm, I don’t know that one, sorry! I think when I found the plant I liked I tried searching for it’s name. Eventually I called it Bishop’s Lace as it had the closest resemblance.

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