"Two Caravans" book reviewIt’s only May and I’ve finished reading my third book (I am already half way)! My reading routine became so enjoyable these days that I fall into book more often than planned. Although the other books I read were quite amazing, I enjoyed reading “Two Caravans” the most. I just wonder what would english person would think of this book as it is written from the immigrant point of view and their adventures in England.
What I like about it? Practically everything! Like in Dawn French books Marina Lewycka lets the characters to tell the story themselves. Only it is much easer to read as the foreign accent is not literally used here, but instead the words are written in eastern european or african grammar and way of speaking (depending on the character of course).
I loved the story: fast flowing and adventurous, full of unexpected surprises! There were so many times I literally shouted out “What?”, “Wow!” and laughed out load while reading this book. It was slightly romantic as well and showed how man and women have completely different view about a lot of things. It was good to learn and see how miscommunications can happen.
Because I am Lithuanian it was easy to relate to the story. I came to UK when 17 years old and quite naive so this story seem quite real to me (ok, maybe not up to that level, but I believe these things happens very often in UK).
What I did not like about it? Absolutely nothing.
Is it worth buying? Yes, yes yes and thousand times yes!"Two Caravans" book reviewNext I am going for a classic Jane Austen “Sense and Sensibility”. Looking forward!
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