How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseRecently I have been wearing a lot of shirts under my sweater. This combination is so comfortable and looks cute at the same time. One problem was that not all my shirts fitted me well (especially this super cute polka-dot shirt). It’s ok when the shirt is covered with cardigan but it feels horrible inside!How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseIt’s  not always easy to make fitted shirt become loose. But there is a way! If you lay your shirt inside out you can see some vertical ‘seam’ lines called darts (excluding the side seams of course). Darts are the ones that make the garment fitted! In my shirt scenario there are two curved darts at the back and 4 darts at the front + two little horizontal lines at the bust. I am very lucky that those darts aren’t seams (they can be and I will show you later how they look like). How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseSo all I needed to do is to unstitch those darts (all of them! except the horizontal darts at the bust). You can see that the fabric behind it is uncut which means you won’t be needing to stitch here anymore. All you need to do now is to put the shirt to wash and steam iron it. The lines from darts should disappear straight after ironing!   How to make fitted shirt become slightly  loose How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseOk, and this is a good example how darts in some shirts can be turned into seams. As you can see here the darts are running from the sides all the way to the bottom (unlike in the previous shirt). This shirt is also really fitted on the sides. Look at those side seams all curved!How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseIf you look inside the shirt you should see that the dart is almost identical to the side seam (They are both cut and overlocked on top). In this case scenario there is not much you can do when it comes to making the shirt slightly looser. You could try to undo the seams and stitch back on as  straight as you can stitching closer to the edge in some places. However this is a lot of work and it’s not really worth it in my opinion. How to make fitted shirt become slightly  looseI hope this helped!
Rasa xoxo

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