seating chart designWhen it comes to organising big events such as weddings, the seating chart is much needed poster. But does it have to be a poster? We tried to avoid that in our wedding. After checking out some ideas on Pinterest, I initially got attracted with the idea of drying line design (with the rope, pegs and stuff). Our wedding planner even suggested we use some garden forks as something that we can wrap the rope around. But we were already tight with the budget and did not want to buy those garden forks (especially when I no longer have a garden to use those tools). Then somehow the idea came to my head to make it as a bunting. I always liked bunting, but our venue looked too good to cover all the features with bunch of flags. This subtle table chart design not only fulfilled my earlier decorational dreams, but also it really worked together with other deco such as name place cards and painted marigolds. Yey!name place card designTo make seating chart design as a bunting I have printed guest names together with table number on separate cards then cut it out in flag shape. I folded each flag top edge, inserted a ribbon together with double sided tape and sealed it. Yep, It’s that simple! seating chart designseating chart designInspired? good!
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