Preparing for our weddingI can’t believe the wedding month is round the corner! Only one week left until the big day! Here is what I am looking forward to in July :-D.
1. OUR WEDDING of course! There are still a lot of things left to do for the day, but hoping my to-do list will soon be ticked off just on time ;-). Here is how my house looks like right now with all the wedding prep stuff.Preparing for our wedding2.HONEYMOON, as we are going to Tuscany! I have visited Italy before with my friends and loved it, so really excited to revisit here with Joni :-). My trip to Italy3. MOVING OUT. As mentioned previously we are moving to Bedford which I really looking forward to. My house in London is being rented out to a lovely lady ;-).  Here is how my house has been marketed  on Winkworth. Feeling so envious of that wide lens camera :-(. My house marketed by Winkworth4. NEW CAMERA. Yep, have decided that this is the end of the era for iPhone pics. I have learned a lot on photography just by taking phone pics for the blog. However I am really ready for DSLR I think, don’t you?
Have a lovely week!
Rasa xoxo

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