Tips on buying sewing machine on the budgetI went through quite many sewing machines in my lifetime so far and I think I have learned few tricks when buying new one. I got my first one when I was only 9 years old and it still works! So I decided to share few tips that I have learned along the way…
TIP No. 1: Buy old fashioned sewing machine. Why? Because they last much much longer (unless you drop it on the floor like me yesterday). In fact they can last for eternity! The thing is that they are so basic that is so easy to fix. And the parts are also very basic, so you can easily replace that broken needle or that lost foot. I bought my VICEROY for £35, then I fixed it for £15. £45 isn’t bad, is it? And I completely in love with the look! The only issue is that it only sew straight line, but it does it very well. Oh…and also, don’t buy too old fashioned machine that has no motor, unless you have lots of hand (or foot) power! Or you are like my friend Ali, who is completely purists when it comes to this matter. Really loved her letter to her electric sewing machine she once wrote:
“Dearest electric sewing machine.
I am leaving you. Our relationship has been strained now for many months now and there is simply no joy left in our relationship.
I shall confess to you now, as I believe in honesty and do not wish for you to hear this through a third party, such as those sneaky dress pins.
It is for the old hand crank that I am deserting you.
I know he is old, but he is full of charm and does things for me that you either can’t or wont ever do.
Where you tend to run away with my stitches at the least provocation, he stays on the straight and narrow, going at my pace, we work our way through the fabrics of this world together.
Where you are loud and driven, to the point of forging ahead, unconcerned for the subtle curves of our carefully pinned out coarse, his gentle progress is marked by a comforting clickedy clack of days gone by. He sways through the bends and beats, with me. We do not fight but have learned each others timing.
His reliability is worth so much more than you multiply stitch settings and I have never wanted to drop him out a fifty story window as I have often contemplated send you.

So this is goodbye and farewell. Good bloody riddance!
Your runaway bride,
TIP No. 2: Choose reliable brands. In my opinion BERNINA’s are the besties (sadly most expensive). But I have owned BROTHER previously and they were quite affordable and reliable. The only issue with them that they are quite laud! So sewing at night would be out of question ;-).
TIP No. 3: Go for second hand sewing machine. I bought my VICEROY from eBay. I so often see people ditching sewing after buying wonderful sewing machines and then selling it off. Its definitely worth to have a look ;-). Tips on buying sewing machine on the budget Tips on buying sewing machine on the budget
Hopefully that helps to start your journey in sewing!
Rasa xoxo

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