my hen doLast weekend I have been super surprised (or more shocked), because I have been kidnapped (well, I had a different kind of weekend in my mind planned ) by my friends for my hen do… but don’t think it wasn’t fun! Even though I have been threatened to be thrown into cold pool of baked beens (I wonder if that exist) if I don’t complete my challenge, I had a great time and I am super thankful to my friends for this!
Here are few things I had to do: give a friend piggy back (I chose Evangeline, because she is the lightest)!
hen do partyI had to take selfies with lots of type strangers such as with another Joni, Someone new or Someone old :D.hen do partyThis one supposed to be a picture with man in uniform. Chef’s uniform is my favourite!
hen do partyPicture with the married couple (was so difficult to find a married couple in Leicester Square!). I had to ask their advice ;-).hen do partySpelled JONI using bodies, can you see it?hen do partyOk, this one need a lot of explanation! I had to act out a scene from my favourite movie. That is UNTOUCHABLE (INTOUCHSBLES in french) and here I am starring Driss trying to lift Philippe (Handicap man)/Vicki!hen do partyThe last one! And I hope we will still be able to be friends after this… As part of the challenge I had to fit in the whole piece of cake into my mouth.
I did like the cake however… orange almond sponge with raspberry and cream filling, Yum! Will try to make something like this some day 😉
hen do party
Thanks again to all my friends!
Rasa xoxo

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