Scented Rice Hearts DIY step by step instructions

Today I have been making scented rice hearts! I love this idea of putting these little heart shaped sachets into the box and gifting them instead of box of chocolate. These are cute, practical and last much longer than chocolate (you know why!). Ok, ok… I did sneak in some chocolate in this box…

Scented rice hearts with chocolate

And this is how. Cut few hearts in tissue paper (pic 1), stitch around leaving big enough gap to fit the chocolate through (pic 2). Once the chocolate is inside, close the gap by stitching on it (pics 3-4).

making paper pacaging for chocolates

So now you know my secret ;-). Click here to see how scented rice hearts has been made.

scented rice hearts DIY

Wishing you the best weekend ever 😉

Rasa xoxo

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