cometic bag DIY

We, ladies, love to organise (or most of us)! Our overfilled/have everything you need handbags are no exception!  I do admit, sometimes I wonder if I take more time organising or doing actual tasks. Last year I made the cosmetic bag that Vickie loved. This year I have decided to made a book pouch. Because books deserve to be protected from the rest of the stuff in the handbag! For this easy DIY go here ;-).

Easy to make envelope pouch DIY

Happy organising!

Rasa 😉

One thought on “Time to organise your handbag!

  1. Yes!
    What a great idea actually.
    Many times I take books along, but I always pick a book that isn’t very new or dear to me. Just because I don’t want it to get damaged.
    With this pouch I’ll be able to take my favorite books on the road.
    Thanks for the DIY!

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