I love Christmas, especially the preparation for Christmas bit… you know, buying gifts and decorating… except I have not had a chance to decorate the festive tree for quite some time! You see, I usually spend Christmas in Lithuania and often I find that by the time I get there my little brothers (aged 12 and 9 years) get it all decorated without me…. Well, this year I thought I will go to Lithuania early therefore in advance I tried to negotiate if I could get at least one tree. It wasn’t easy as my little brother got stuck with those traditions that the tree should be decorated exactly on 1st of December as that’s when Advent starts. However I managed and the Christmas tree viewed above now is mine!
I don’t know but I most likely to be late with Christmas  decorations, but if you are like me (being late) and stuck for ideas, there you go – I am sharing here with you!

Happy decorating!
Rasa xox

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