IKEA hack: custom laundry baskets

Ikea hack: custom laundry basketsWell…. hello here looking through my never ending laundry pics. I never quite manage to have all baskets empty completely! This is why I was looking for ways to organise my dirty clothes while I work my way through it if you know what I mean. I thought under the sink in the bathroom would be the most convenient for them since this is where we get undressed and changed most often. Except I struggled for a while to find a right size baskets…. until one day it occurred to me that the storage boxes from Ikea we already have fit perfectly! I know I know, they are storage boxes, not a laundry baskets, but I saw a vision how I could alter them a little. All it needed are some handles, a little bit of lettering embroidery and its done! Yey!Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets So this is how I did it. I purchased some fabric storage from Ikea. I know I know I said I had them already, but wanted in different colour and it’s not like £2.50 breaks the bank! Then I found my fabric pencil, embroidery tread & needle + some ribbon to match. Ikea hack: custom laundry basketsFirst I marked the writing I wanted to embroider. You don’t have to use special pencil for it, but it helps since you can rub it off if you make mistake. Otherwise regular pen mark would be hidden behind the stitches (I have gone this risky route too many times before).Ikea hack: custom laundry basketsFor embroidery I chose my favourite stitch which is the chain stitch. You can get more inspiration for your embroidery here.Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Next I stitched the handles. I folded the ribbon at the ends so it does not fray ;-).Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Ikea hack: custom laundry baskets Ikea hack: custom laundry basketsHope you found this inspiring
Rasa xoxo

Instructions for Christmas craft kits!

Make your own hanging birdie decorationMissed your chance to order Christmas craft kits? Well here is your chance to make your own hanging decorations with the materials you have. We have updated the original instructions and now they are exactly the same as you would have found in the Friendly Nettle craft kits. If you fancy making hanging birdie deco then click here or if you prefer to crochet then hanging star may be your thing ;-).make your own crochet star hanging decoAlternatively if you learn this triangle crochet pattern, you could make these super cute mini buntings!crochet your own mini buntingHappy Christmas waiting!
Rasa xoxo

Seven of our favourite projects :-)

triangle crocheted pillowToday we are celebrating Friendly Nettle Projects! Yey! I can’t believe it has been a year since it has been launched ;). Here are my (and your) favourites:
1. TRIANGLE CROCHETED PILLOW was one of the first things I crocheted when I came back to crocheting all together after such a long time! I came up with such an easy and fun triangle pattern (it became really popular) that I also used for crocheted item number 2:
triangle crocheted infinity scarf3. A CAT PILLOW was one of the first projects added to the projects department! I must say this has been quite a practical and pretty pillow to make ;-).
a cat neck pillow
4. COSMETIC BAG because we all one of those 😉cosmetic bag
5. APRON was the first item stitched on my beloved, super handsome and vintage Viceroy sewing machine! Hopefully I will share it’s beauty with you very soon.apron6. KNITTED LOAFERS, aren’t they just cute!knitted loafers7. CABLE SWEATER is my first knitter sweater ever!cable sweaterHave a lovely weekend and try one of the projects out!
Rasa xoxo

Make your own spring/summer dress

Spring/summer dress DIY

Recently I have been busy making this spring/dress that I fell in love with almost instantly! It’s perfect for my walks around the Lea valley park. Can be worn with cardigan when it is chilly and accessorised as you wish.

Walk around the Lea valley park

Spring/Summer dress DIY, easy pattern

Spring/Summer dress DIY, easy pattern

walk in the lea valley park

This dress is so easy to make and is shaped with the ties. Suitable for many types of figure! Go here to get started and make your own ;-).

how to tie the dress

Nicola dress DIY, easy pattern

walk in Lea valley park

Enjoy your long weekend 🙂


Knit your own Easter "Pigeon"

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

Hey, do you remember this knitted bird decoration? I have been digging out some decorations for Easter and this is what I came across. This little birdie never goes out of fashion ;-).

The reason why I called it a “Pigeon” is because my friend Anna thought that the colours resembles it quite well! What do you think? Pigeons might not have a good reputation, they still look cute if you think about it.

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

To knit your own “Pigeon” go here!

Knit your own Easter "pigeon"

Happy knitting!

Rasa xoxo

Scented hearts instead of chocolate ones ;-)

Scented Rice Hearts DIY step by step instructions

Today I have been making scented rice hearts! I love this idea of putting these little heart shaped sachets into the box and gifting them instead of box of chocolate. These are cute, practical and last much longer than chocolate (you know why!). Ok, ok… I did sneak in some chocolate in this box…

Scented rice hearts with chocolate

And this is how. Cut few hearts in tissue paper (pic 1), stitch around leaving big enough gap to fit the chocolate through (pic 2). Once the chocolate is inside, close the gap by stitching on it (pics 3-4).

making paper pacaging for chocolates

So now you know my secret ;-). Click here to see how scented rice hearts has been made.

scented rice hearts DIY

Wishing you the best weekend ever 😉

Rasa xoxo

Time to organise your handbag!


cometic bag DIY

We, ladies, love to organise (or most of us)! Our overfilled/have everything you need handbags are no exception!  I do admit, sometimes I wonder if I take more time organising or doing actual tasks. Last year I made the cosmetic bag that Vickie loved. This year I have decided to made a book pouch. Because books deserve to be protected from the rest of the stuff in the handbag! For this easy DIY go here ;-).

Easy to make envelope pouch DIY

Happy organising!

Rasa 😉