How to make a baby mobile

Jumping bunny baby mobile diy No no, I am not expecting again! This baby mobile I made last week is for my new nephew Alexi. Although I do think this is a perfect project when you expecting… hmm. Think of all that time you have when the baby is not out yet (only kidding there is always another one near by to pester you about his needs lol).
Anyhow if you would like to make a baby mobile then you will need something to hang on it. I prefer soft mini animals or shapes and this time I chose these crochet jumping bunnies (because that was the theme), but you can hang on it anything else suitable such as this knitted bird or this felt bird.Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Jumping bunny baby mobile diy To make the baby mobile you will need a hoop (around 12 inches), some thread (strong enough to handle hanging weight), some mini jingle bells (or beads) and 5 jumping bunnies (or any other mini stuffed animal or shapes).Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Attach five threads to the hoop together with the jingle bells.Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Join all five threads leaving lots of space on top for hanging (you might want to hang it onto the ceiling).Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Hang the mobile and carefully attach all the bunnies onto each thread at the bottom while trying to keep it all level (its very challenging I know!).Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Ta-da!!Jumping bunny baby mobile diy Jumping bunny baby mobile diyHope your baby likes this mobile although I believe it is more for mummy to enjoy 😉
Rasa xoxo

My maternity wear wish list

Rubber band trick to adapt jeans for maternityAccording to my pregnancy apps today I am half way in my pregnancy (as difficult as it is to believe it!!). Although I look like I just ate a really good breakfast (don’t look very pregnant at all), I no longer fit into my regular jeans :-(. I tried the rubber band trick on the jeans to fit my new shape (pic above), but that only worked for few weeks or so. After that I had a phase of wearing dresses only. Right now I am a proud owner of two pairs of maternity jeans! I initially planned to make some alterations to my existing jeans, but then realised I did not have any not-so-liked jeans that I could risk and destroy.
So far I have two lovely maternity dresses (one from Mothercare and one from M&S), very comfy boyfriend cut jeans and super good looking skinny jeans. I am thinking I need to get nice shorts as well, but not too sure if it will be practical since I will be wearing them maximum for two months…My wish list: H&M Mama denim shortsWould love to own this so-it-seems-very-versatile black dress even if it’s a little pricy.  My wish list: Isabelle Oliver Arran Maternity DressI am also in love with this so-my-style dress, however a bit not sure about it’s length. Maybe I should make my own?My wish list: ASOS maternity shirt dress And the last but not least, I am thinking I will need lots of basic vests. Can’t go wrong with them, can you?
Hope you have a great week and remember it is shorter then other weeks 😉
Rasa xoxo