Save the date! We are almost ready to celebrate :-)

As we are slowly easing in into new normal (and hopefully this will feel like a distant dream soon) we thought it would be good to set the day for our grand re-opening. Are you ready to hear the date? Our Fair style reopening is going to be on 23rd-24th of October (now moved to 6th of December). The reason for choosing this date is because we believe this is when most of the restrictions will be lifted, but even if not then I think we will still be able to have some of the activities we are planning. Either way, let’s save the date and get ready to celebrate!

So far we have been open for takeaways for a few hours per week and added some seating outside. We have been also been finishing fit out works as well as this wall mural that is coming along very nicely! We are hoping to open for sit down service very soon as well, although we will still be using takeaway boxes etc till after the grand re-opening.

At the opening we hope to have stalls where you can sell your handmade stuff that you created during lockdown. Currently we have JEMAUS amazingly beautiful pottery, but there are plenty of stalls available for the day. If this is something that interests you then please contact us soon!

There are of course many other ways you can involve. We would love to promote or collaborate with small businesses locally. Currently we are thinking (restrictions allow) to have singers performing, face painters or even caricature artists? So if you think you would like to be involved please contact us! The possibilities are endless, you just need to think outside the box ;-).

The other idea we have is to start preparing for being the cafe that we originally wanted to be. Our core goal is to bring community together through various activities such as crafts, gardening or a book club. Wouldn’t be great if you could sign up for various groups at the launch? We imagine it might be like freshers week at Uni. I have some exciting memories when starting university and signing up for groups made this extra special. So if you like to lead a group based on an interest or a hobby we would love to hear from you! Maybe we can keep those ready for when we are good to go and socialise and meet new people in our area once again.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who helped with our community rainbow bunting. It is looking great! It has been moved onto the ceiling already as we started realising that the sun is bleaching them at the windows (oops). If you still want to contribute with the bunting flags we are still accepting them at the cafe (we even have a drop off box for it!).

Speak to you soon!

Rasa xoxo

Let’s get ready to celebrate!

Hey everybody! Hope you had a lovely Easter. I was very excited to hear the Queens speech this year: yes indeed, Easter has not been canceled!

A lot of people have been telling me that it is such as shame that our cafe is closed right now. Yes, I know we only opened recently, but we still feel very very lucky because of all the support we have had since then. We are serving a need in the community and that means huge success to us! And I know for some of you these uncertain times are so so hard. I heard lots of sad stories around how some of you are not well, feeling lonely, really bored with monotonous daily routine. I hear you and we really want to help!

When I was in labour with my first (sorry that I am sharing my labour story here), I did not know when my pain would end. It was over several days and I was loosing my hope. I did not know when my suffering would be over and what really helped is to focus on the end. Or more like prepare for the end. The midwife I had by that time (when I was loosing my hope) was very good with shifting that focus. She kept saying “shall we get the bed ready for the baby?” and “should we make sure all the notes are done?”. These were only small, unessential questions. It’s not like it would take a long time to prep the bed for the baby once it arrives. But it really really helped to set my mind on the time when I can just celebrate!

I feel the same applies here. Currently we are in some sort of labour. It does not depend on you, but you are so tired of waiting! Waiting to resume to your normal life! So shall we work together and maybe shift this focus to something more positive? We decided to get ready for our second re-opening, and as a community focused cafe we would like to involve you too! So can you help?

A few weeks ago, Suzannah (one of our team at the cafe) suggested we re open the cafe in craft fair style. “Everyone will be making, so definitely will want a place where they could sell their produce” she said. And I must admit we fell in love with this idea! We elaborated a little, this could be so much more! This could almost be like a fun fair, but indoors! Lots of bunting came to my mind when I tried imagining all this!

So how can you help you may ask? Well, we thought wouldn’t it be lovely if we made gigantic bunting for this event! As it gets made, flag by flag, it could be displayed at the window to hopefully cheer you up as you walk by. Eventually it could cover the whole ceiling!

So the idea right now is for everybody to make up some bunting flags that we could join together to make it longer one as we go along. We have a bit of bunting in already, but would it be not great if every triangle flag is unique and and has a personal touch? Any material is welcome, as long as it is strong enough to be stitched together into a binding. It can be made of paper, fabric, yarn. Whatever suits your craft skill! It can be painted, dyed, embroidered etc to make your mark.

We are new to this idea still, so any suggestions are welcome. There are two rules to begin with so this project works as a one:

  1. The flags need to be rainbow coloured. We felt it is essential this project is as cheerful as it can be. Plus, rainbow means hope, and thats what we need right now!
  2. To keep all uniform we thought it would be good idea to keep all the flags the same size. Each side should be approximately 15cm/6inch long.

As I already mentioned, this is still a new idea and currently we are trying to get all the vibes from you. How do you feel about it? Would it help?

Once we see if this works we will post more details on logistics such as where to post the flags. Also we can then give you some suggestions on how to knit a flag for example or a few embroidery tutorials perhaps.

Excited to hear what you think!

Rasa xoxo