local shops in CleyIt’s getting really busy here running up to Christmas (you know, crafting gifts and stuff), but there are plenty of stuff I look forward to. Here are few…
1. VISITING CLEY-ON-SEA. We visited this lovely village briefly in September, but now we will be visiting Grandma Elizabeth for the whole weekend. Really looking forward to that!countryside in Cley2. BONFIRE NIGHT. I have made these pasta tortilla bites with leek and bacon last year. Really hoping to go and see fireworks in Bedford this year! Do you know any good places?picking food3. CHRISTMAS MARKET! This is something that has made me even more busy! I’m prepping for it now as I will be selling Friendly Nettle goodies there. It’s a perfect place if you want to get a unique gift for someone. Save the date and come along (I will be sharing my tips on crochet, embroidery and more).GFC Christmass Fair
Happy November!
Rasa xoxo

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