Work in progress, our new home in BedfordAugust came somehow unexpectedly, hence my late update about this last summer month. Since we came back from our honeymoon I have rushed into updating you guys about the time we have been away and organising our new home in Bedford. So much so, I have few things that I look forward to in this busy month.
1. FINISH ORGANISING OUR NEW HOME! Not so long ago we lived between the boxes of everything, so lots of progress has been done already. There are still a lot of things to organise such wardrobes, our little home office, three toilet/bathrooms (yes three and I am very confused with that) and most importantly our garage. We got lots of furniture from Freecycle including sofas and armchairs that I am looking forward to refurbishing. So essentially I am looking forward to the stage when I can start new home projects to make this space prettier!  Work in progress, our new home in Bedford2. KNITTING AGAIN! Although this is not a priority at this moment as I have to get so many other things done, I really can’t wait until I have more time to enjoy just knitting. Vicki’s mum recently suggested that we should all knit together over Skype (me, Vicki and her mum and we all live so far away from each other at this moment). Yey! What a great idea!
Just last year while in San Francisco I came across this book called “Pop Knitting” by Britt Christofferson. These knitting techniques are definitely on my list to try ;). Britt Christofferson, and author of "Pop Knitting"4. GETTING MY BLOG UP TO SCRATCH. After having a break I have definitely blogged more, however there are so many things still to improve. Any suggestions? Would love to hear from you ;-).Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 11.26.26Enjoy the rest of the week!
Rasa xoxo

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