BBQ timeFinally, Summer is here!! Even if it doesn’t feel it like that here is what I am looking forward in June 😉
1.BBQ. Never experienced that many in my lifetime, however Joni loves it so much. I am hoping to get better in marinating the meat ready for BBQ :).BBQ time2. FINISH WEDDING PREPARATION. I mentioned previously that I was looking forward to doing a lot of DIY around wedding, but what I realised later is that the wedding preparation is not all about that. A lot of it are logistics unfortunately :-(. Here is a sneak peak of our wedding. Can you guess what’s the theme?  Our wedding sneak peak3. SUMMER! I guess it doesn’t get any hotter in London, but I still have hopes ;-).Summer!!!4. MOVING TO THE NEW PLACE. Well… I am not moving in completely this month, but I will get to move few stuff! Exciting :).
Supper happy June!
Rasa x

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