Chocolate amaretto cake decorated with sugar glazed fruits

It’s Vickies Birthday today! Yey! Good occasion to decorate a cake of course :).
I have decorated a cake many times before and as I mentioned in my past cake decorating post, I love when cakes are decorated with fruits. This one is no exception! I just followed my ” natural” instinct and picked a cake that I thought Vicki would like, the one that have all the chocolate and some alcohol. Some things never change šŸ˜‰.

Chocolate amaretto cake decorated with sugar glazed fruits

So I chose to go with chocolate amaretto cake. I tripled the amounts for the cake base mixture and baked two different size round cakes from it to make one big tiered cake. I placed the smaller cake on the bigger one and realised that it is not small enough to define the cake tiers. So I put the small plate on top to use it as a circle guide and cut around with the sharp knife.

Cake shaping before applying icing or glaze

Then I made amaretto chocolate glaze and poured it over the cake.

Great chocolate glaze for the cake

I used plastic spatular to spread the chocolate glaze over the cake.

Applying chocolate glaze on the cake

I took a challenge and sugar glazed the plums. Unlike figs, plums are really watery, so the effect does not last that long. I dipped the plums into the sugarĀ and placed them on a baking sheet lined with aluminium foil. Using a kitchen torch, I caramelised each plum half.

caramelising plums using blow torch

While the chocolate glaze on the cake is still warm and soft, I decorated it with sugar glazed plums, grapes and chocolate flakes.

Chocolate amaretto cake decorated with sugar glazed fruits

Happy Birthday, my dear friend Vicki!

Rasa xoxo

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