Spring is coming

Last week has been really busy, hence no talking for almost a week. The great news are that me and Joni are engaged! Yey! So we have been celebrating just that and dived straight into the wedding planning.

So today as I have been doing some wedding planning, Anna (my neighbour) popped in to convince me to go out for some jogging (fun times!!). So long story short, we ended up running by the river Lea and I was really surprised by how much it feels like spring! I mean I have seen on Facebook a lot of people sharing their pictures of parks filled with blooms, but I never thought spring would come so soon. So I got all mesmerised and instead of jogging I just kept picking flowers and blooming twigs for home. Meanwhile Anna just kept running and I could not keep up with her, so I stayed behind :-(. At least I have flowers at my home!

spring is comming

Happy spring!

Rasa xoxo

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