make your own chocolates

Joni often ask me what is my favourite chocolate. Well… I do like chocolate! I definitely prefer ones that have something in it like nuts. But I do like experimenting with different flavours ;-).

I made these chocolates few days ago. I went with with “chocolate bark” approach! So I melted some chocolate (about 150g), poured it into the silicon chocolate moulds and added honey roasted/salted almonds on top. Quite simple you may say! Well, it’s up to you ;-). You can make it as custom as you want. You can melt different types of chocolate and you can add all kind of candies and even crisps on top!

make your own chocolates

Freezer works the best when you want to harden these chocolates in no time!

make your own chocolates make your own chocolates

Just think how cute these chocolates be as a gift! Yey :-).

make your own chocolates

Have fun with experimenting 😉


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