how to tat

Recently I could not put my tatting work down… I have finally nailed it! Thanks to CRAFTSY online classes and their really easy to follow step by step videos. I especially love the fact that the teacher is really positive as that makes you feel like you can defiantly do it, regardless how complicated it looks. I can’t wait until I create new projects using this skill that I have learned (hopefully soon you will be able to make it too!). It’s like making friendship bracelets, but prettier ;).

how to tat

This is my first time ever signing up for e-course! Have you had good experience with online classes before? Would love to hear your story :).

how to tat

Finally, just wanted to mention that Craftsy offers a wild variety of courses to do with crafts and a little bit more (e.g baking). So pick yours HERE ;).

Happy e-learning!


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