I grew way too many beetroots this year! Although I am quite happy with this as I love beetroots very much, especially their colour 😉 So I asked my grandma for a pickled beets recipe as I knew I would not be able to use all of them before winter. I like this recipe as it doesn’t need any vinegar that sometimes gives a harsh taste (in Lithuania we don’t use much vinegar for cooking). It is simply preserved by using apple juice. Although I must say that the apple juice we use in Lithuania is quite sour. So make sure you get sugarless, not from concentrate apple juice. Sainsbury’s organic apple juice is a good one (not promoting, just recommending ;).



  • 10 medium sized beetroots
  • 500ml sugar free apple juice
  • salt to taste

1. Cook the beetroots, whole with the skins on for about 30-40min(If you using a ready cooked ones from the shop then skip this step).
2. Once the beetroots are cooked then rub the skin off and chop them into desired sizes.
3. Place chopped beets into the clean pot and pour apple juice just to cover it. Add salt to taste.
4. Prepare the jars for preserving. Wash them with the soapy water and heat them for 10min in preheated 180C oven.
5. Heat the beetroots with apple juice until it reaches the boiling point.
6. Spoon the beets into the jars while still hot and pour the liquid on top.
7 Seal the jars with the lids and let it cool.
Rasa 😉

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