While visiting the flower show yesterday I have picked some plants for my little garden: mostly herbs and two succulents (I actually were able to get the outdoor ones suitable for British climate… feeling really happy now). Once I got home I have decided to make a pot plant arrangement!


I picked three plants as I think odd numbers looks more pleasing to the eye (don’t ask me why as this is something I have been told when I was a child). Now I only bought two succulents so after quick thought I have decided to match it with thyme. I know I know, I have not seen it matched like this before, but thyme and succulents do like similar things (stony/dry soil and sunny view) so after quick research I have decided to make them “friends”.

I filled the button of the pot with the stones and the rest with the stony soil that I had plenty in my garden.


After planting the plants I have decorated the top with the pebbles and beach washed glass (love it!).

Try it for yourself 😉

Rasa xox

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