Today I thought to myself what is stopping me to register as a company… until I made a decision to actually do it! My friend Jacqueline now running a catering business told me that even if I am not trading at this moment I can still register and form a limited company (apparently she had registered limited company for 2 years until she started trading). After filling quick form and paying small fee (it can be as cheap as £5) I have been notified that my company will be formed within 3 hours (I had to check if it said 3hours not three days). However “The Friendly Nettle” turned to “The Friendly Nettle Limited” even quicker as I have received confirmation in 30min! This was the easiest think I have ever done, I think that even child could have done it! The only think I could not understand properly is when I was adding myself as a company Director it told me to assign at least one share to myself. So I did assign one share to myself worth £1…. Can anyone tell me what this was about? I hope I did not make huge mistake and by the time I do understand what it was I can still change it.
Rasa xox

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