I just came back from IFE Food and Drink Exhibition where I had such a great time! It was overwhelming as I not only had a opportunity to try different foods but also to see new products that are about to come onto the market (to the shops to be available for us to buy and enjoy).
The winner in my mind is this drink called “Wood Juice Birch” (made from Birch sap). The reason why I can appreciate it is because I know the truth value of it as traditionally in Lithuania (in old days) we used to collect tree “sap” (in Lithuania we call it “sula”) for many health benefits (my grandma could make you the whole list for you). It’s only available in spring as the water streams (sap) starts traveling trough the tree after heavy winter, therefore this would not work in UK (simply because there is not enough of snow during winter).
Here is the description on the bottle: “From centuries Birch was seen as very beneficial for human health. It was used to help eliminating extensive water from organism and get rid of body toxins. It was recognized by great nutrition and health values. Birch sap is 100% vegetal juice collected on early spring directly from the trees located in untouched nature where no industrial facilities are around….”
Rasa 🙂

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